Home Burglary

Midwest United Insurance Services will provide you with a policy that covers loss due to home burglary. In the United States, a home is burglarized every ten seconds. However, following a few simple guidelines can help prevent this type of theft from happening in your home.

  • If you have any sliding doors, secure them with a steel rod in the door channel. Installing two or three screws in the overhead track can help prevent the door from being lifted out of the track.
  • Eliminate the cover burglars use by keeping the bushes and trees near your home trimmed. Thick, tall vegetation can allow a burglar to work undetected.
  • Discourage burglars by keeping the area around your home well lit.
  • Make sure your doors and windows have strong, secure locks—and most importantly, use them.
  • Never keep a spare key to your house in an obvious place such as under the welcome mat or in the mailbox.
  • Create a home inventory list—complete with photos or video—and store this list away from your home.
  • Have a security plan if you go on vacation. Have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up the mail and watch over your house so that potential burglars don't see these obvious clues.
  • Consider investing in a burglary alarm system. If you have one or a dog, post "beware" signs, this will help deter burglars.

Here are a few companies specializing in home security systems: