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Floods and Flood Damage 


Floods can happen in an instant, but the damage they can cause lasts long after the storm. Midwest United Insurance Services has some tips for before and during a flood. We also can help assess your own insurance situation and determine if and what type of insurance coverage is best suited to protect you and your property in the event of a flood disaster. Remember, basic Homeowners Insurance DOES NOT cover flood damage!

Before a flood:

  • Be aware of weather conditions and listen to radio or television broadcasts. Be prepared to evacuate if needed. A weather alert radio is a good investment.
  • Prepare your home by having the necessary supplies needed to prepare for a flood. Raise electrical system components and consider installing check valves in your plumbing to prevent flood-water backup.
  • Have an evacuation plan and an emergency meeting place ready in case your family becomes separated.

During a flood:

  • Never walk or drive through rushing water and avoid rising waters, storm drains and sewers by moving to higher ground.
  • Do not enter buildings surrounded by flood waters.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and electrical wires as they may still be live.

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